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Linne Calodo

Paso Robles

Willow Creek

Matt & Maureen Trevisan


Matt Trevisan

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About The Estate:

Paso Robles, best known for its incredible Rhône blends, is famously split by the 101 Highway, with the smaller region on the western (coastal) side firmly established as being home to the very best vineyards. Linne Calodo is just a 20-minute drive west of the city of Paso Robles in the 'Grand Cru' Willow Creek AVA. It’s incredible how quickly the terrain is transformed from wide plains to steep canyons and hillsides covered in wild flowers.


Matt and Maureen’s enclave sits within the Estate’s organically/dry-farmed vineyards which live in harmony with the surrounding woodland. Matt’s winemaking style is a balance of science and art, not shy of experimentation and altering his approach to work with each vintage. It’s also one that leading him to the very top of his game and comparisons to the greats of the Rhône Valley (Josh Reynolds likens him to Jean-Louis Chave!). Volumes are extremely low, but all of the reds and whites are sold out in their entirety every year, such is the demand.

California’s Central Coast is geologically different from other California wine growing regions. Unlike others with deep, rich

fertile valley soils, over 30 soil series are found in the Paso Robles AVA. These are primarily bedrock derived soils from weathered granite, older marine sedimentary rocks, volcanic rocks and younger marine sedimentary rocks. Much of it from the Miocene age Monterey Formation, featuring calcareous shales, sandstone or mudstone. Soil diversity is the norm and a vineyard block may commonly contain several different soil types.

Willow Creek AVA itself is one of California's most stunning regions to visit, almost like a 360 degree Burgundy with its myriad canyons, hills, forests and wild meadows providing many unique expressions of the diverse terroir.

The wines, while generally rich and full-bodied, are noticeable for their balance of extraordinary freshness and elegance.


Four Corners' Matt has been trying to track down some bottles of Linne Calodo for nearly a decade after bringing some back to the UK in 2007. It was motivation enough to make sure we visited them. The quality of the wines surpassed the memory and we are incredibly excited to be the first merchant to bring these incredible wines back to the UK.


‘Linne Calodo’ (pronounced 'lynn-eh ka-lodo') is the name of the distinct limestone-based soil type found in the Willow Creek AVA, high in calcium and marine fossils, perfect for GSM varietals.

One of Matt Trevisan's many hobbies is to produce olive oil from the Linne Calodo Estate, which he c-presses with good friend and Saxum owner (and LC co-founder), Justin Smith.

Main Image:

The Linne Calodo tasting room and winery, nestled within woodland at the centre of the Estate