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Grace + Vine

Santa Ynez Valley

Sta. Rita Hills

It's a secret...


Dan Schuler-Jones

Grace + Vine

About The Estate:

Grace + Vine is an 'underground' project based in Sta. Rita Hills. The small team of seriously well connected vintners hand select parcels from California's very best (we mean VERY best!) vineyards and vinify them in their own style. As a result, they agree not to name their sources whose wines sell at more than 3-4 times the price! As with Sine Qua Non, their Syrah is sourced from Ballard Canyon AVA.


Their goal is to way, way over-deliver at the price. A “Ferrari Négociant at Vauxhall prices”, as our friend at the winery puts it! Needless to say, part of their deal with each winery is that they will never disclose their sources whose wines generally sell at 3-4 times the price!



Grace + Vine is sold exclusively by allocation through the winery's mailing list in California. It's never been sold outside of the USA before!

Production for each cuvée can be as little as 50 cases, and never exceeds 200!

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