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Colgin Cellars

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About The Estate:

Ann Colgin is the heart of Colgin Cellars, a true renaissance woman and vintner of uncommon passion. An avid art collector and dedicated philanthropist, her elegant,yet engaging personality is a telling reflection of her wines and winery. Ann founded Colgin Cellars in 1992 with a vision of making the finest wines from exceptional hillside vineyards in St. Helena and was instrumental in forging a world-renowned reputation for California’s small production hand-crafted wines.

Ann began her career in the world of fine art with an M.A. from New York University, subsequently becoming President of Fairchild’s Fine Art, Inc., then establishing the Colgin label, where her own artistry found expression in the creation of her wines. Each wine has its own distinctive personality, the result of a careful, knowing hand, like that of a painter.


Ann serves as consultant to the Sotheby’s Wine Department and has been instrumental in developing many major charity wine auctions. Her generous donations of rare verticals and large format bottles of the Colgin wines have raised over $13 million for worthwhile causes involving health care, community services and the arts. Ann is a trustee and executive committee member of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Centre Pompidou Foundation.


She and her husband Joe Wender also have an ownership interest in Camille Giroud in Burgundy. They share a kindred spirit inspired by a passion for great wine.

Winemaker Allison Tauziet is a UC Davis graduate with degrees in Fermentation Science and French, and a passion for winemaking. She began her career as a harvest intern at Domaine Chandon, then moved to France to be an intern at the Conseil Interprofessionel du Vin de Bordeaux.


Upon returning to the U.S. she joined Far Niente Winery as an Enologist, then as Assistant Winemaker for five years, inspired by the winemaking passion of the late Gil Nickel. Allison joined Colgin Cellars in 2005 as Assistant Winemaker/Estate Manager and was quickly promoted.


According to Ann Colgin, “Allison is an extremely talented winemaker with an incredible attention to detail”. Allison resides in Napa Valley with her husband Xavier, a native of Bordeaux, and their children.

Colgin Cellars produces exquisitely handcrafted red wines using only the finest neo-classical winemaking methods in concert with small yields, gentle handling, attentive sorting and meticulous blending.

Colgin vinifies fruit from a portfolio of Napa Valley vineyards with exceptional soils and microclimates, producing a continuity of quality that is distinctly Colgin.

The IX Estate Vineyard is a 20-acre vineyard carved out of a magnificent 125-acre parcel that varies in slope from gentle to steep, with elevations ranging from 1150-1350 feet above sea level. Located high above Lake Hennesey on a secluded mountaintop in the Pritchard Hill area of St. Helena, it is nestled in hillsides of rocky volcanic soils, and embraced by a most agreeable climate. Wine connoisseur and critic Robert Parker considers IX ESTATE “as close to a viticultural nirvana as I’ve ever seen.”

The vineyard was originally planted in 1881 by Josephine Tychson, the first female vintner in Napa Valley. Though the vines were removed during prohibition and the land broken up into adjoining lots, Ann Colgin has been restoring the original holdings since 1997. The property consists of approximately four acres of Cabernet Sauvignon, with several vine rows of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. The signature terroir features a rocky east-facing slope containing some of the rarest volcanic soil in Napa Valley, known as Aiken Very Stony Loam, which imparts distinctive floral, earthy, ethereal notes to a wine exemplary of Colgin Cellars’ offerings.

Cariad, a Bordeaux-style wine of enormous proportions, is comprised of fruit from three vineyards owned and managed by David Abreu, blended to produce a wine hailed as “a legend in the making.”

David Abreu is a third generation native of Napa Valley. He grew up in Rutherford where his parents were ranchers. In 1980 he founded David Abreu Vineyard Management focusing on vineyards in Napa Valley from Napa to Calistoga, where he is renowned for his knowledge of the terroirs.


He is the exclusive vineyard manager for all of the Colgin wines and grape growing endeavors. David’s vineyard team remain constant from year to year, gaining an intimate knowledge of the properties, enabling them to make informed decisions on pruning, canopy management and crop thinning. The signature of an Abreu vineyard is meticulous care for perfectly maintained vines.

The Colgin winery, completed in 2002, is located at the northern end of IX Estate in the Pritchard Hill area of St. Helena, California. The state-of-the-art winery provides an inspiring view of Lake Hennessey.


All of Colgin Cellar's vineyard sites are mid-slope and east-facing, bringing a characteristic elegance to the wines

The Tychson Hill vineyard in St. Helena was originally planted in 1881 by Josephine Tychson, the first female vintner in Napa Valley

Tychson Hill is one of the warmest sites in Napa during the day, but one of the coldest at night

Main picture:

The entrance to the IX Estate vineyard on Pritchard Hill