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Clos Solène

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Paso Robles

Guillaume & Solène Fabre


Guillaume Fabre

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About The Estate:

Raised and born in the Southeast of France, Narbonne, Guillaume comes from a family of winegrower/winemakers. After 24 years in Narbonne, he moved in Bordeaux, Southwest of France. Both regions, famous for the wines, are also very different from each other and it requires some winegrowing and winemaking experience to switch from one to the other and deal with the different climates, soils, sickness of the vines and more.

In 2004 Guillaume decided to discover the “New World” wines before taking in charge the family property that his parents just bought in Bordeaux. But life is full of surprises, and Guillaume finally decided to move for good to Paso Robles, California, after he got a job offer when his internship at L’Aventure was ending. The only person he cared about was Solène, his fiancée, at the time, who was studying in Spanish Language in Europe. He mailed her a fly ticket to visit him and “proposed” to move definitely.

While working for the same company his was an intern for a year, he slowly developed his own brand, two barrel in 2007 became 4 in 2008 and the production kept on growing over the years. It is only ten years later, in April of 2014, that Guillaume had to make a choice, Clos Solène needed more attention and time, so he left L’Aventure to work full time on his project.

In 2017, Guillaume and Solène purchased the former Pipestone Vineyard in Willow Creek, a secluded 28 acre haven and their first estate vineyard.

But Clos Solène is and will remain a small, exclusive brand.



Guillaume is the fourth generation of the Fabre family to be a winemaker, starting with his time at the family winery, Château Saint-Eugénie in the South of France.

Guillaume's internship was with fellow-Frenchman Stephan Asseo at L'Aventure, one of Paso Robles' most established Estates

Solène studied Spanish Language, Literature and Civilization at the University of Bordeaux, France, and Seville, Spain

Main Image:

Solène teaches yoga classes on the crest of the tranquil Estate Vineyard, perfectly summing up the Paso lifestyle