First Vintage:



Amuse Bouche

Napa Valley

St. Helena

John Schwartz and Heidi Barrett


Heidi Barrett

About The Estate:

Amuse Bouche, French for, "amusement for the mouth," is located in the St Helena AVA.


Collectible wine and collectible art come together to create Amuse Bouche Napa Valley Red Blend, a joint wine venture with Heidi Barrett and John Schwartz.


This Pomerol-style Merlot/Cabernet Franc blend is made from some of the best grape sources in the Napa Valley. Amuse Bouche wine aspires to rival its greatest cross-Atlantic counterparts, such as Chateau Petrus and Chateau Le Pin.


Heidi Barrett grew up in the Napa Valley in a winemaking family and was destined to become one of California's leading winemakers. In 1988, she became a freelance winemaker, making wine for a number of small wineries. Within a week she was hired by Gustav Dalla Valle and was winemaker at Dalla Valle Vineyards until spring 1996. It was there that she took her abilities to the next level creating some powerful yet elegant Cabernets, including the famous "Maya" cult wine, a proprietary Cabernet blend that received two perfect 100 point scores from Robert Parker (the '92 and '93) as well as record breaking bids at the Napa Valley Wine Auction.


She started making wine for Screaming Eagle in 1992, which has also received two perfect 100 point scores during her tenure (the '92 and '97 vintages).


In 2002, Heidi partnered with longtime friend John Schwartz to create Amuse Bouche, a Pomerol-inspired Merlot from Napa Valley. A different artist is commissioned to produce the label for each vintage of Amuse Bouche, including the final work of Tony Curtis for the 2010 vintage.



Heidi was the first winemaker at none other than Screaming Eagle and produced the Estate’s first 100-point wine in 1997.


A different artist is commissioned to produce the label for each vintage of Amuse Bouche, including the final work of Tony Curtis for the 2010 vintage.


A visit to John’s home at Au Sommet will inevitably finish with a fine, post-dinner Bourbon and his infamous ‘Mensa-challenge’ at the end of the evening – a dastardly puzzle that had claimed over 36 victims so far, including David Beckham, and a NASA technician. While John offers a bottle of Screaming Eagle to anyone who completes the challenge, those who lose have to pay the penalty by way of a unique and hilarious forfeit!

Main Image:

Amuse Bouche is presented in a beautiful wooden presentation case

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