Discovering and sharing great wine has driven us for more years that we care to remember! Matt was discovering the diversity of Californian viticulture many years ago while visiting his family in CA; somewhere in leafy Berkshire Stuart was being inspired working with wine pioneers Tony Laithwaite and John Avery.

Since those early days we have worked together in various guises, amassing the knowledge and experience to know what makes a very fine wine stand out from the crowd.

We share a firm belief that right now the very best wine in the world is being made in California. so, in 2015, we left our jobs trading Bordeaux and Burgundy for a flight to the West Coast and Four Corners Wine was born. In 2018 , Peter joined us from Fine+Rare Wines to head up our private client team and we continue to grow year on year. 

Why Four Corners? It's simple: the California Wine Industry was established from a melting pot of nationalities, languages, ideas and beliefs. The foundation of the wine community was born of Spanish Missionaries, Gold Rush pioneers, European explorers and even immigrants who crossed international borders for a better life. They made their own journeys from the four corners of the earth to unite in their love of wine and to build a true community of vignerons across the State.

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(Left to Right: Peter Naisbett, Matt Thompson, Stuart Young, Anne Favia Erikson and Andy Erikson